Tour Guide


Vienna is one of the great cities in the world, but you cannot just go there expecting to have a
good time. You must plan ahead so that you can see the country the way that it was intended, and
you will find that Vienna alone could take several days because there is so much going on in this

The city of Vienna has a great rail and bus line. It also has many taxis that you could take at any
time. You will find that the city is a place you can get across in a couple minutes, and it is better
for you to try that instead of renting a car. All the experts will walk and use public transport
because it is so reliable in Austria.

The next step on your journey is to go to all the places that are the most beautiful. You have to see
things like the old churches for yourself, and you could to see the philharmonic that night. There
are many old markets in this city that you have never seen before, and you will find that you could
shop in them all day because they also have pubs and restaurants nearby. You might get lost in
these parts of the city, and they are the parts that people love most.

You could stay in the heart of the city, or you might move out to the outskirts of the city where you
will see even more vintage buildings. It is a pretty interesting place to go because it can help you
see the whole of Europe in a new way. Yes, it has modern buildings, but the city still feels like it
has an old soul.

You must take in that old soul as much as you possibly can, and you must also remember that you
can take the Eurostar train out of the city at any time. Vienna is accessible, and it is surrounded
with beautiful mountains. You might even go to the mountains next because they have snow and
skiing that you would want most.

Some very big stars live in Vienna, and you could walk through this place for hours at a time to
enjoy what Europe has to offer. This is one of the great cities in the world, and it welcomes you
when you have planned to travel it right. camping Bella Italia (Gardameer)

The things to do in Austria are pretty varied because you have so much culture and terrain to
cover. You could come here just for the music, or you might come to ski. It all depends on what
you want to do most, and you must consider that this country welcomes people in with open arms
and allows them to stay for as long as they want.

The people who come to this place will start to get very interested in places like Vienna, and you
must also come to a place like Salzburg so that you can see where Mozart was born and where the
Von traps lived. This is the kind of place that you come for history and pictures, or you might go up
into the hills to get some skiing in.

This is a great place for you to go when you want to get down by the water because there are
many beautiful lakes you will be taken by. The people that want to have the best time in this place
are going to hit the major cities, but they also need some time out in the forests where everything
looks like it has not changed.

This means that you could easily go to the locations that you have picked out before the trip, and
you also need to remember that this is the kind of trip you take when you want to go to one of the
quieter countries in Europe. You must bring your money, a pack, adn you should get ready to see
cities, countryside, and snowcapped mountains.

The top fives places to visit in Austria are all fairly obvious because they have been publicized so
well. Salzkammergut, Zell am See, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna are all must sees for your
family or touring group.

The city of Vienna is the capitol, and it will dazzle you when you pass through. It is just one part of
a much larger country, but it something that you should stop to enjoy. You also need to remember
that this city can bring you joy, music, and history that no other town could.

The city of Salzburg is where the Von Trapps lived, and it is the birthplace of Mozart. Those two
things alone make it more interesting to visit, and you will find that the city helps you track down
the locations from the movie. You could hear great music in town, and you must take many

The resort of Innsbruck once hosted the Olympics, and all the venues are still there. You could ski
on Alpen snow for your whole trip, or you might go up into the town because you want to see it
once before leaving Austria.

Zell am See is one of the Great Lakes in the world, and the water is reflective throughout most of
the year. This is a place where you could stay on a resort just by the water, and you might sit by
the water every day just to relax.

The last spot is the UNESCO world heritage site known as Salzkammergut. This is a resort area on
the water that has been preserved and looks like it is still in the 18th century. Bring your spouse
where for the romance, and remember that this place allows you to live like a king or queen for a
few days.

Everywhere you go in Austria is beautiful, and it should be the heart of your European adventure.
You might not even go to any other countries because you have so much to see in this place.

Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in all the world, and there are a few major things you
need to do when coming here. The first thing you have to do is get into the museums that line the
city because each of them is different. They all feature art that is beautiful to behold, and you will
find that these museums have docents who are experts in the art you are viewing. These very
same people also know the areas outside the museum just as well.

Ride the Eurostar into Vienna and stay in a hostel near the center of the city so that you have
access to everything. The old cathedrals and churches are in this area, and the nightclubs and pubs
are not far away. You will find markets that have been around for centuries, and you could come
across shops that will let you sit for hours and sip a cup of coffee.

Vienna is perfect for nightlife because they have bars you can sit in all night along with the
concerts from the opera and philharmonic. The people who want to sit on a park bench and read
could do that every night, and you will find that this city is very safe even though it is so busy for
much of the year.

Vienna has many municipal buildings downtown that you could tour as part of your vacation, and
you must plan this trip so that you get to see everything at least once. You have now traversed the
city, taken great pictures, eaten well, made new friends, and truly experienced Vienna.