Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in all the world, and there are a few major things you
need to do when coming here. The first thing you have to do is get into the museums that line the
city because each of them is different. They all feature art that is beautiful to behold, and you will
find that these museums have docents who are experts in the art you are viewing. These very
same people also know the areas outside the museum just as well.

Ride the Eurostar into Vienna and stay in a hostel near the center of the city so that you have
access to everything. The old cathedrals and churches are in this area, and the nightclubs and pubs
are not far away. You will find markets that have been around for centuries, and you could come
across shops that will let you sit for hours and sip a cup of coffee.

Vienna is perfect for nightlife because they have bars you can sit in all night along with the
concerts from the opera and philharmonic. The people who want to sit on a park bench and read
could do that every night, and you will find that this city is very safe even though it is so busy for
much of the year.

Vienna has many municipal buildings downtown that you could tour as part of your vacation, and
you must plan this trip so that you get to see everything at least once. You have now traversed the
city, taken great pictures, eaten well, made new friends, and truly experienced Vienna.


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