The top fives places to visit in Austria are all fairly obvious because they have been publicized so
well. Salzkammergut, Zell am See, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Vienna are all must sees for your
family or touring group.

The city of Vienna is the capitol, and it will dazzle you when you pass through. It is just one part of
a much larger country, but it something that you should stop to enjoy. You also need to remember
that this city can bring you joy, music, and history that no other town could.

The city of Salzburg is where the Von Trapps lived, and it is the birthplace of Mozart. Those two
things alone make it more interesting to visit, and you will find that the city helps you track down
the locations from the movie. You could hear great music in town, and you must take many

The resort of Innsbruck once hosted the Olympics, and all the venues are still there. You could ski
on Alpen snow for your whole trip, or you might go up into the town because you want to see it
once before leaving Austria.

Zell am See is one of the Great Lakes in the world, and the water is reflective throughout most of
the year. This is a place where you could stay on a resort just by the water, and you might sit by
the water every day just to relax.

The last spot is the UNESCO world heritage site known as Salzkammergut. This is a resort area on
the water that has been preserved and looks like it is still in the 18th century. Bring your spouse
where for the romance, and remember that this place allows you to live like a king or queen for a
few days.

Everywhere you go in Austria is beautiful, and it should be the heart of your European adventure.
You might not even go to any other countries because you have so much to see in this place.


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