The things to do in Austria are pretty varied because you have so much culture and terrain to
cover. You could come here just for the music, or you might come to ski. It all depends on what
you want to do most, and you must consider that this country welcomes people in with open arms
and allows them to stay for as long as they want.

The people who come to this place will start to get very interested in places like Vienna, and you
must also come to a place like Salzburg so that you can see where Mozart was born and where the
Von traps lived. This is the kind of place that you come for history and pictures, or you might go up
into the hills to get some skiing in.

This is a great place for you to go when you want to get down by the water because there are
many beautiful lakes you will be taken by. The people that want to have the best time in this place
are going to hit the major cities, but they also need some time out in the forests where everything
looks like it has not changed.

This means that you could easily go to the locations that you have picked out before the trip, and
you also need to remember that this is the kind of trip you take when you want to go to one of the
quieter countries in Europe. You must bring your money, a pack, adn you should get ready to see
cities, countryside, and snowcapped mountains.


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